Who We Are

At Shortwave Life Sciences, we believe that implementing an innovation-led approach is absolutely crucial in finding effective treatments for the world’s growing mental health care needs. That is why we look for breakthrough IP and early-stage ventures which we can grow into such solutions. With our demonstrated ability to accelerate early-stage development, and our unique platform of network and partnerships, we are committed to operating these ventures toward successful validation. We do so in an efficient and operationally agile manner.

Shortwave Life Sciences offers a pipeline of de-risked assets with robust IP protection that produce a return on investment and hold immense promise for the future of mental health. Our commercial model focuses on early-stage development, embodying the highest growth potential. Our ability to leverage existing resources, partnerships, and IP gives us a clear edge in advancing valuable drug IP through the early stages of the development process and positioning for exit.

Clinical Focus

Shortwave Life Sciences has identified eating disorders as a leading field where our unique combination of novel drug delivery routes, psilocybin-based formulations, and expedited path to market provides us with a distinct competitive advantage. Our first program targets treatment-resistant Anorexia Nervosa, addressing a critical area of unmet medical need.

Our Treatment Development Approach:

A bespoke approach to accelerate growth.


Novel Drug Delivery Route:

Shortwave’s development of novel drug delivery routes aims to enhance biological activity while ensuring patient safety. Our methods overcome the limitations of traditional peroral administration, offering a more palatable alternative to liquids, injections, or tablets for patients with swallowing difficulties. Our focus on clinical impact independent of treatment enhances patient adherence and minimizes dose-dependent side effects. Our Anorexia program buccal film is fully developed and in clinical testing.


Novel Drug Combinations:

Research suggests that combining multiple active compounds, beyond psilocybin, may create a synergistic impact, imrpoving onset, duration, and nature of the therapeutic effect. Shortwave is committed to developing formulations containing multiple active compounds to maximize therapeutic benefits. Our psilocybin-based API combination for anorexia nervosa offers an expanded mechnaism of action aimed at addressing multiple receptors in the patient’s brain. It also offers flexibility in dosing, which, in turn, creates more options for the therapeutic treatment approach along with the regualtroy approval process. 


Drug Development Path:

Shortwave aims for a rapid approval process, utilizing the existing FDA pathway for approval 505(b)(2), relying on existing data, prior results, and published literature. Our fast CMC process minimizes time and simplifies the regulatory path to approval. Leveraging our novel drug delivery routes and formulations, further indications will be pursued.

Our Economic Model:

Realizing that psychedlic-assisted- therapy based treatment may still have strides to make towards commercial scale adoption and a substantiated business model, at Shortwave Life Sciences we specifically target indications where our combination API-assisted-therpay can actually help save most of current treatment costs. For example, in anorexia nervosa, where no FDA approved pharmacological treatment exists and where expensive, protracted, psycotherapy and hopsitalizaion are the current standard of care, our novel drug combination and delivery method aims to dramatically shorten the therapy process, save over 75% of health costs and, most importantly, enable patient healing.

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