Shortwave Life Sciences: Pioneering Mental Health Care

Welcome to Shortwave Life Sciences, a leader in the origination, development and operation of innovative solutions in the field of mental health. Shortwave Life Sciences' interest is in the emerging area of psychedelics-based drug development, where compounds are increasingly recognized and approved as having immense potential for treating mental health diseases and life-threatening conditions. Through our cutting-edge design of drug combinations and delivery methods and our combined decades of drug development savvy, we are impacting critical unmet needs in the area of mental health, starting with eating disorders. With our finance and investment expertise we are identifying and growing the best-in class candidates for treatments in mental health, including psychedelics-based, which we operate and de-risk. Shortwave Life Sciences combines the experience of pharma and finance, the passion for innovation and the commitment to early-stage drug development, from discovery to phase 1, which offers the greatest value creation and growth potential.

The Future of Mental Health

At Shortwave Life Sciences, we’re driven by a focused and experienced leadership team with a wealth of knowledge in drug development, clinical research and strategy, particularly within the psychedelic field. Our first clinical program hones in on addressing anorexia nervosa, a life-threatening condition with no FDA-approved medication, where psilocybin shows promise as a breakthrough therapy. Leveraging established global partnerships across IP, drug development, market intelligence and investor relations, we’re poised to make significant strides in addressing unmet patient needs.


Rooted in the Israeli innovation ecosystem, our IP-driven approach capitalizes on unmatched knowledge and expertise. Through a strategic economic model combining in-house capabilities and strategic partnerships, we’ve optimized our drug discovery and development process to preserve capital and maximize efficiency. With a focus on our current programs and the addition of new IP opportunities, our team is dedicated to leveraging our unique platform to identify, operate, and create value from early-stage, breakthrough initiatives in the treatment of eating disorders and mental health.

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